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Brown Bag wins big at 2017 Amy Awards!

Inspiring others to remain vigilant in the fight against breast cancer

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We love when a problem
gets our wheels turning.

Take a look at what happens when clients throw a challenge our way.

Piedmont Healthcare

Live, Learn, Love: A campaign inspiring women through stories of Survivors, Fighters and Crusaders of breast cancer

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Voya Financial

Retirement communication materials to better engage with participants

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A re-imagined way to communicate through the sales channel

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Work hard. Play hard. Repeat.

We’re mostly the kind of folks who are the last to leave the office ... and the after-party.

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Marketers at heart

We are a full-service, high-performance extension of your marketing team.

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How To Avoid This One Costly Brand Mistake

Two of the largest players in web analytics and marketing automation almost lost a critical piece of their brand. But, it could have been avoided. Check out our blog to find out how!

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Google’s RankBrain: Connecting Complex to Relevant

Google is making the Web an easier, better place to search. One algorithm already used globally is ‘RankBrain’. Find out how RankBrain is using machine learning artificial intelligence and how it will change the way you search for information!

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Investing in Baggers. With Empowerment U.

Brown Bag has always invested in its employees, so we’re excited to formalize our commitment to our future leaders with Empowerment U. Check out our newly launched leadership development program and meet the members of the inaugural class!

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American Commercials

Celebrating America through Advertising

Advertisements can be a platform to showcase products, struggles and dreams. So we asked several of our Baggers to share their favorite TV commercials that celebrate America through advertising. What ads do you think we picked?

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Traditional, digital and social. Strategy and execution. Design. Content. And development. All under one roof, sitting side by side, to create consistent customer experiences across every channel.

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Up-to-date isn’t current enough. We make sure our people and technology are paving the way, so we can keep our clients at the top of their game.

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Our success hinges on yours. So we treat your business as our own, blurring the lines between where you end and we begin.

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As a privately owned company, we can make decisions quickly and execute on them just as fast.

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