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Investing in Baggers. With Empowerment U.

Brown Bag has always invested in its employees, so we’re excited to formalize our commitment to our future leaders with Empowerment U. Check out our newly launched leadership development program and meet the members of the inaugural class!

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American Commercials

Celebrating America through Advertising

Advertisements can be a platform to showcase products, struggles and dreams. So we asked several of our Baggers to share their favorite TV commercials that celebrate America through advertising. What ads do you think we picked?

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benefits of mobile first

5 ways to set up a mobile first strategy for success

It’s time for companies to look and challenge their website strategy. The first wave of mobile reform was responsive design. The second wave towards a better smartphone experience was mobile first. We think the third wave will be API first, but this post offers up helpful activities on a mobile first website strategy. How do we do it here at The Bag?

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Leveraging micro-moments in the brand experience

The “Zero Moment of Truth” (ZMOT), a term coined by Google in 2011, refers to how the internet revolutionized the way consumers make purchase decisions. With the advent of better localization technology and mobile adoption, companies are finding innovative ways to embed their brands in the micro-moments that precede consumer decision-making. Click to learn about some tools that consumers now use to make quick, convenient and timely purchase decisions.

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