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Wearables, Zettabytes, and the always amazing Mary Meeker

Today the brilliant Mary Meeker with Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers shared her latest State of the Web with us. I have enjoyed her guidance and insights for many years. I encourage you to read the entire presentation, but in the interest of time I’m sharing highlights for our readers:


  • About 78% of USA is an Internet user and we are the 10th fastest growing nation in usage
  • Huge delta for mobile advertising based on time spent versus ad spending
  • 80% of the top ten internet sites are “made in the usa”, although the majority of users are international
  • In the last 7 years, smartphone op systems “made in the USA” grew from 5% to 88%
  • In the last 7 years, digital content grew 9x. It is so huge it is measured in zettabytes
  • The next next digital content to be shared after pics, video, sound? Actual data
  • Those photos shared? Mostly on Facebook and Snapchat. Sorry Instagram and Flickr. Most users prefer 5 seconds of ‘snap’ life
  • Viva la 6-second video (Vines are experiencing 2x month over month growth) and opt-in video (wi-fi streamed live video)
  • There’s huge growth in mass sharing (Geo and Social allow us to all help each other) with traffic monitoring, losing weight, restaurant reviews, etc.
  • Google Plus had a huge growth year to rank #4 behind FB, YouTube and Twitter. Followed by LinkedIn, Pinterest, MySpace, Instagram, Tumblr and Foursquare. But shout outs to LinkedIn for standing out in the IPO market


  • The top 4 behavioral aspects of always having our smartphone near makes us feel connected, excited, curious, and productive
  • Mobile traffic is on track to be a majority percentage of Internet traffic – it’s at 15% today but trending sharply. In China it’s already surpassed the desktop
  • Tablets grew more rapidly than smartphone: iPad = ~3x iPhone Growth
  • We reach for our phones 150x /day
  • Whats next after Smartphones and Tablets? Wearables/Drivables/Flyables/Scannables
  • Pandora usage in a car/tv/appliance will surpass PC usage in 2 years


  • We thought QR codes were dud? Not in China. It’s up 4x y/y driving online connections from offline sources
  • We can learn a lot from China, who have surpassed us in iOS and Android usage
  • A Chinese online commerce site offers free same-day delivery for online purchases, trackable, often on bicycle! But don’t worry we still watch more TV
  • Evidence of a China crowd voice? User content helped drive government adoption of daily monitoring of air quality


  • This generation includes more business entrepreneurs building on their passion (Spotify, Goodreads, Bleacher Report)
  • Even though they fell a bit, Apple is still king with a market value of 416 BILLION followed by Google at 311 and Amazon at 127
  • America needs more STEM (Science/Tech/Engineering/Math) workers. How about we more intentionally connect this dot to our immigration issue?


Find something interesting in this list? Let me know your favorite!

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