Willy Melt Goes VR: A Gamified Snowman

If you’ve been a fan of Brown Bag you know we have a longstanding holiday tradition – our beloved snow man, Willy Melt. This year we decided VR was the perfect space for us to create an extraordinary holiday card! Thanks to our killer development team and a fancy-pants creative team, they were able to dream up a world where the user can explore and participate in helping Willy Melt get ready for the holidays.



Fun Game Facts:

  • The player has to find 7 ornaments and place them on the Christmas Tree
  • The ornaments appear randomly on the map and every time the game is played, the game experience is different
  • The game is timed and quickest time appears on a high score leader board on the app and our Willy Melt website
  • The app and website have Easter eggs, click around and explore to find them all

Innovative Development Facts:

  • The Willy Melt was built in Unity – this allows our mobile development team to build a 3D game and deploy to both iOS and Android
  • Not only can players play the game on a 3D map, but they can tour the map and look around using a VR headset
  • We built the high score leaderboard with the new WordPress REST API Content Endpoints – has this been done before? We think not.

What started out as a simple fun character has turned into a 3D virtual reality experience that uses gamification to increase the users holiday spirit. Have you played our game yet? What are you waiting for??

Let us know if you want to explore incorporating VR into your brand strategy!

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