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Windows Mobile 7: iPhone Killer?

In the late 80’s, I remember my dad having a cup of coffee every morning for breakfast in his red mug. He called it AMUG. I liked the name of that mug – AMUG.


AMUG Pride (Image courtesry of


Later on I found out that AMUG stands for Atlanta Mac Users Group. I should have known that because over the years, our household has had every Apple product from the Apple II to an Apple TV. I continued the tradition by having a handful of Apple products: iPhone 4, Mac mini, new iPad, and iPod Touch. I really enjoy my Apple products because they are easy to use and just work.


Then something interesting happened after our agency’s beloved Kickassedness Day. I went to the Braves game and my iPhone was stolen. I was in a terrible mood. Left the game. Headed to an AT&T store. And purchased a Nokia Lumia 900 running WINDOWS MOBILE 7.


After buying it, I didn’t know how to break the news to my dad. I felt like I was the black sheep in my family and purchasing a non-Apple product.



iPhone 4 vs. Nokia Lumia 900 (Image courtesy of


Being an iOS user, here are my immediate reactions to Windows Mobile 7 (reaction in bold):

  • I set up my Outlook and Gmail Just as easy as iOS. Not bad.
  • Office that has PowerPoint, Excel, and Word – Wow! What is that about? Pretty neat feature.
  • Lock screen cleanly displays my next meeting title, time, and location; my Outlook and Gmail are displayed with different icons to distinguish between the two – Very cool and can get a good summary of what I want to know. Big plus.
  • Email threads like iOS but different layout – Not a big fan. Points for Apple on the look and feel.
  • I logged into Facebook for my contacts and my all Facebook friend imported in my contacts – Hate this and don’t know how to remove – but I am bias because I am not a fan of Facebook
  • Using the touch screen – The device performs like I expect it to when I touch the screen. It feels faster than my iPhone 4.
  • Having a home screen with some apps and another screen with all my apps – Weird and don’t understand.
  • Calendar – Tells me about conflicting appointments and I can propose new times. Great!


I have had Windows Mobile 7 for over 2 weeks and I like it over all. I’m used to the UI and enjoy having all my top apps on my first screen. My only complaints are: selecting an address does not always open up maps, copying text takes an extra 2 seconds, and there is a lot of integration into Facebook. Overall, my initial reaction was that it was a different experience. Not a better or worse, just different.


Image courtesy of


In conclusion, this consumer picks the iPhone, but I do predict historic BlackBerry enterprise executives will pick the Windows Mobile. Calendar, Mail, and Office integration can’t get much better. Pop-ups appear giving me a tip or a shortcut with the phone. And if I am unsure of an icon, I press a button and the icon is explained. Windows Mobile 7 has the potential to be a useful tool to increase productivity. And it will only get better once Windows 8 comes out.


What would YOU pick?

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2 thoughts on “Windows Mobile 7: iPhone Killer?

  1. Interesting. What made you decide to immediately go to the AT&T store and get this phone rather than an Apple store to get another iPhone? I’m also curious about the definition of productivity in this context. Does productivity mean producing content, consuming it or a combination of both? I’ll have to check it out.

  2. My only bias is that tools should work for people. People should not have to work for tools. And by people, I mean the majority who are not engineers.

    Good post! — Dad

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