Our full-service Atlanta digital marketing agency can help your bank or finance company soar to new heights.

In the financial sector, banks, advisors and financial companies are constantly forced to adapt to new and changing technologies. “Fintech” is its own new emerging industry as financial service companies seek better ways to rise to the top when it comes to industry compliance, management and, of course, marketing. Today’s customers and clientele are becoming accustomed to dealing with companies that have a strong online presence, and they demand higher levels of engagement and communication from their financial advisors.

What’s more, the financial services industry is becoming increasingly competitive and cutthroat. More and more consumers are using their phone or computer to search for common queries like “financial advisor,” “retirement calculator,” “bank near me” and “what should I invest in?”. If your business isn’t prominently showcased on the first results page, then you can kiss these potentially valuable leads goodbye.

Founded in 2002, Brown Bag Marketing is a full-service Atlanta digital marketing agency specializing in end-to-end online marketing services, solutions and most importantly, RESULTS for banks, finance companies and the financial services industry.

We pride ourselves in being a sensible, no-nonsense partner for businesses who are serious about differentiating themselves from competitors.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve delivered successful, measurable results for clients here in Atlanta and businesses nationwide. Our financial marketing specialists can help your company shine. But don’t just take our word for it.

We can show you the ROI.

With us, your small business’s success is in the bag!

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Content & Social
Media Marketing

Content strategies that engage customers in a personal way to generate brand awareness and drive traffic.

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Web & App

From websites to mobile apps, we create digital experiences that get your company noticed.

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Campaign Creation
& Management

High-performance idea generation. Day-to-day campaign management.

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Targeted strategies and tactics. Measured results.

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Memorable brand stories that connect.

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A sound game plan for reaching the market, grounded in a good story.

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From awareness to close, tools that move prospects efficiently through the funnel – getting your deals closed faster.

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Custom search engine marketing services for B2B and B2C.

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Our Clients are Important to Us

The Brown Bag team views clients as true partners. They immediately immersed themselves in our business to understand our goals, audience, the market and how we work internally. It's such a relief to confidently work with an agency as an extension of our team, knowing they always have our best interests at heart.
– Meredith Buckley, Frontline Selling
Brown Bag has a strong team that creates incredible work based on strategic thinking and a deep understanding of their clients.
– Nicole Leonhart


We partnered with Elavon, a payments industry company looking to break into multiple industries, to develop a dynamic sales app and microsite that provided compelling content and data points for Elevon reps to share with prospective customers and clients. Using this tool, sales reps were able to show clients custom product presentations, organized by industry topics and tailored to their specific needs and pain points.

This tool was not only a finalist at the 2017 AMY Awards, but also effectively communicated Elavon’s unique value proposition to the right audience.

“I shared the new sales app with one of our channel bank partners. He said it was the best tool he’s seen in terms of clearly communicating Elavon’s solutions in a voice and language our customers will understand.”

– Kristian Traylor, Senior Director of Marketing at Elavon


If you’re in the financial sector, then odds are you’re all about the numbers. So here are some facts, figures and trends that banks, financial advisors and other financial service providers might find enlightening:

  • Consumers interested in financial planning and management are increasingly turning to online search, with mobile searches growing by 70 percent over the last 2 years.
  • Mobile searches for “financial advisor” have grown 75 percent over the last 2 years.
  • The top 3 areas where consumers are least financially confident are 1) planning for retirement, 2) managing personal investments and 3) researching new financial products.
  • The top 5 features people want when they consolidate financial products are 1) to set and track budgets, 2) to get FICO score updates, 3) to receive proactive advice and tips, 4) to pay family and friends and 5) to receive other financial lesson plans.
  • Eighty-four percent of people consolidate their financial products and relationships to manage everything in 1 place or use a single login.
  • People who were asked what types of companies know them best said their bank was No. 1.
  • Fifty-eight percent of people agree that personalized help is a key motivator in consolidating their financial products and relationships.
  • Eighty-one percent of financial consumers want additional digital features and would find them useful.
  • Next to “convenience” factors, trust is the most frequently cited reason for deepening a financial relationship.
  • Over 50 percent of online investors don’t have a brand in mind when they start looking.
  • Eighty-six percent of potential investors spend more than an hour researching online.
  • Fifty-five percent of smartphone users who use their phones for financial activities reported making a payment to a business in the last 30 days. Eighty-two percent reported checking their account status or purchase history in the last 30 days.
  • Eighty-two percent of smartphone users who use their phones for financial activities do so at least weekly.
  • Keywords for financial services are among the most pricey on Google Ads and Bing Ads, with some costing $50 or more per click. Paid search competition is fierce.
  • Sixty-three percent of financial services organizations said that customer experience ranked as their top priority.



Even though many industries, including the financial services sectors, are experiencing a shift towards more internet-based tools and services for consumers, research shows that many people still prefer in-person and over-the-phone customer service when it comes to their financial planning and management.

By making your company more accessible to current and prospective customers in whatever way they prefer to engage you, and delivering a personalized and efficient user experience, we’re able to help financial companies boost the quantity and quality of both online and in-person leads, conversions and revenue.


One of the many factors that complicate marketing in the financial services industry is the various layers of rules and regulations placed on advertising and consumer targeting. A digital marketing agency that isn’t experienced in this sector may lack vital knowledge and understanding of the compliance guidelines and standards you must follow.

At Brown Bag, we can help you navigate through the regulatory obstacle course and give your brand an edge over your competitors.


At Brown Bag Marketing, we first take the time to get to know your unique business needs and goals. This approach is one of the reasons why we’re one of the top Atlanta digital marketing agencies for banks, advisors and financial companies.

Here are some other reasons why businesses near and far choose us for digital marketing advice, services and solutions:

We’re cost-effective.

Cost shouldn’t be your only priority when it comes to hiring the best digital marketing agency, but it might be an important factor on a strained budget. At Brown Bag, rest assured that you’ll get the highest return on your investment (ROI). We strive to deliver results that go above and beyond what our clients pay for.

We’re driven.

As a boutique digital marketing agency, we’re more dedicated and passionate about achieving success for each and every one of our clients by putting all we’ve got into their success. We won’t stop until we’ve delivered high-quality work that we’re proud of and you’re ecstatic about.

We care.

We are deeply invested and committed to each of our clients. Unlike large marketing agencies that juggle many different projects poorly, we focus our full attention on just a handful of businesses that we believe in and build long-term relationships. At Brown Bag Marketing, you’re not just another number or account. Your personal success matters to us!

We’re creative

The corporate grind is great for making executives rich, but this system tends to squash employee diversity, creativity and idea generation. At Brown Bag, we give everyone a voice and encourage creativity at all levels. We excel at coming up with inventive and outside-of-the-box solutions to the biggest challenges.

We’re accessible.

No matter the project, there’s always going to be issues and concerns that will pop up that must be addressed quickly. In these instances, it’s important to have a partner you can easily communicate with to discuss potential solutions. You’ll never have a problem getting a hold of us — we’re right by your side from start to finish!

We’re enthusiastic.

Investing in digital marketing for your practice is a big decision and it’s important to partner with an expert whose eagerness to get down to business matches yours. We guarantee that we’ll match your enthusiasm…and then some. We’re passionate to work with you!

We’re flexible.

Corporate marketing firms often have rigid structures and systems that make them unable (or unwilling) to adapt to their client’s individual needs. As a boutique agency, agility and adaptability are qualities that come second nature for us! We customize every marketing strategy for each client because we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.

We’re experts.

Our diverse team is widely skilled and trained in a broad range of digital marketing tactics, strategies and methods. This expertise allows us to target niche audiences and topics that larger agencies simply don’t have experience in.

Meet the Brains behind Brown Bag Marketing

Our team of "baggers," as we call them, come to our Atlanta internet marketing agency from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We are an exceptionally talented, hardworking and seriously curious bunch of folks — and we want to get to know you and your business needs. We invite you to get to know us too!

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