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The legal industry is highly competitive. It’s dog-eat-dog out there.

Client- and talent-poaching are common among rival firms—and unfortunately, it’s usually the small and midsized firms that get overshadowed, outpaced and outspent by the nationally-recognized legal service providers.

Simply put, if your law firm’s marketing strategy isn’t skillfully planned, implemented or managed, then you won’t see the results you’re looking for and your competitors will continue to beat you every time.

Whether you’re a lawyer trying to grow your practice or a legal assistant put in charge of handling digital marketing for the firm, it’s important to focus your valuable time and money on attracting the clients you want. By making creative, data-backed decisions when it comes to your marketing strategy, we can provide tactical advantages to help your firm grow in the best possible ways.

Here at Brown Bag Marketing, we measure success by the number of high-value case leads we’re able to funnel to your intake team, not by how big your marketing budget is or how many PPC campaigns you run.

Founded in 2002, Brown Bag Marketing is a full-service Atlanta digital marketing agency specializing in end-to-end legal marketing services, solutions, and most importantly, RESULTS. We pride ourselves in being a sensible, no-nonsense partner for law firms that are serious about differentiating their practice from their competitors online.

For nearly 20 years, we’ve delivered successful, measurable results to local Atlanta-area businesses and national corporations alike. Whether you’re a solo lawyer, small or medium law firm or national practice with offices in multiple cities and states, our legal marketing specialists can add measurable value to your business and help you grow your practice. Let us show you how!

With us, your law firm’s success is in the bag!

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A one-stop-shop for all of your law firm marketing needs

Content & Social
Media Marketing

Content strategies that engage customers in a personal way to generate brand awareness and drive traffic.

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Web & App

From websites to mobile apps, we create digital experiences that get your company noticed.

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Campaign Creation
& Management

High-performance idea generation. Day-to-day campaign management.

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Targeted strategies and tactics. Measured results.

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Memorable brand stories that connect.

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A sound game plan for reaching the market, grounded in a good story.

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From awareness to close, tools that move prospects efficiently through the funnel – getting your deals closed faster.

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Custom search engine marketing services for B2B and B2C.

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Our clients are important to us

The Brown Bag team views clients as true partners. They immediately immersed themselves in our business to understand our goals, audience, the market and how we work internally. It's such a relief to confidently work with an agency as an extension of our team, knowing they always have our best interests at heart.
– Meredith Buckley, Frontline Selling
Brown Bag has a strong team that creates incredible work based on strategic thinking and a deep understanding of their clients.
– Nicole Leonhart

What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing encompasses all online and internet-based strategies, tactics and channels such as social media, email, search engine (SEO), blogs, video, podcasts, pay-per-click (PPC), mobile and other efforts aimed at connecting with current and prospective clients digitally. The goal of digital marketing is to help people find your law firm online and contact you first.

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing for lawyers

The traditional legal marketing model, which served law firms well for decades, primarily consisted of print advertising, business cards, TV and radio commercials, billboards and direct mailers. While some of these tactics can still be effective today, in this day and age attorneys and firms must make their marketing strategies more dynamic—and that increasingly includes taking advantage of online marketing tactics to meet prospective clients where they are.

That’s because folks who need legal help today are increasingly ditching the phone book and yellow pages for online legal directories and Google search.

If you don’t bother to engage with folks online, you can guarantee that your competitors will.


  • Law firms do outreach to prospective clients
  • Focus on being entertaining or eye-catching
  • ROI is difficult to track
  • One-sided communication that can feel forced


  • Clients find and connect with law firms
  • Focuses on being educational and informative
  • ROI is measurable and easy to track
  • Interactive communication that feels natural

Law firm marketing trends and legal industry statistics

When a person starts looking for a lawyer, studies show that online search and directory listings account for higher rates of influence compared to traditional marketing methods such as TV ads, radio commercials and billboards. According to Above The Law, 37 percent of people used online search and 28 percent used legal directory listings to find attorneys. What’s more, over 80 percent of prospective clients research firms online prior to engagement.

Aside from referrals from friends/family and from other lawyers, digital marketing is the most powerful way to attract new clients and grow your practice.

Still on the fence about digital marketing?

Here are some important legal industry trends according to the American Bar Association’s annual Legal Technology Survey Report:

  • Forty percent of firms with 10-49 lawyers, over 60 percent of firms with 2-9 lawyers and over 80 percent of solo attorneys don’t take the time to make an annual budget for marketing. This suggests that solos and small firm lawyers don’t intentionally plan marketing activities and instead engage in “random acts of marketing”—if, indeed, they market at all.
  • Less than half (47 percent) of firms surveyed said they had a marketing budget. The largest firms were most likely to have such a budget.
  • The leading channels for marketing across all firm sizes are email (41 percent), Facebook (30 percent) and direct mail (19 percent).
  • A vast majority (86 percent) of survey respondents said that their firm has a website, but solo attorneys still lag far behind firms of other sizes. Only 57 percent of solos have a firm website.
  • Although video marketing has taken the internet by storm and become an essential part of marketing strategies in many industries, the trend doesn’t seem to have taken off yet in the legal industry. Sixty-five percent of firms have not yet adopted video.
  • Solo lawyers are the least likely to have a blog, at only 9 percent. Most of those who do maintain a blog update their blog monthly (56 percent) and 18 percent update it weekly.
  • LinkedIn is the leading social media platform among lawyers at 79 percent, followed by Facebook (54 percent). Only 28 percent of respondents report using Twitter.
  • Only 7 percent of lawyers indicated that their firms were using AdWords.
  • Responsibility for “handling” marketing still lies largely with the attorneys themselves. Nearly 60 percent of respondents said attorneys perform these functions within the firm.
  • Law firms of all sizes are more likely to hire an outside consultant for SEO, PPC and social media.
  • Over 60 percent of respondents either don’t have access to or do not know whether they have access to web analytics which would provide insight into the effectiveness of their digital marketing efforts.

The best results are obtained by creating a marketing plan focused on reaching the firm’s ideal clients and referral sources and ensuring that all marketing efforts are working together toward common goals… Objective analytics that show where a client engaged with the firm online (Did the client call the firm by clicking on a call link in an ad? Or did the client send a consultation request from the firm’s website?) can be invaluable, as can information which demonstrates how clients are acquired over time or aids a firm’s reputation.

All of a firm’s digital marketing efforts, including website, blogs, social media, should be reviewed and evaluated, including analytics on views, clicks, calls, mentions, shares, emails, comments, and more.

American Bar Association, 2019 Legal Technology Survey Report

Why top law firms choose Brown Bag

We’re cost-effective.

Cost shouldn’t be your only priority when it comes to hiring the best digital marketing agency, but it might be an important factor on a strained budget. At Brown Bag, rest assured that you’ll get a higher return on your investment (ROI). We regularly deliver services that go above and beyond what our clients pay for.

We’re driven.

As a boutique digital marketing agency, we’re more dedicated and passionate about achieving success for each and every one of our clients by putting all we’ve got into their success. We won’t stop until we’ve delivered high-quality work that we’re proud of and you’re ecstatic about.

We care.

We are deeply invested and committed to each of our clients. Unlike large marketing agencies that juggle many different projects poorly, we focus our full attention on just a handful of businesses that we believe in and build a long-term relationship with. At Brown Bag Marketing, you’re not just another number or account. Your personal success matters to us!

We’re creative.

At Brown Bag, we give everyone a voice and encourage creativity at all levels. We excel at coming up with inventive and outside-of-the-box solutions to the biggest challenges.

We’re accessible.

No matter the project, there’s always going to be issues and concerns that will pop up that must be addressed quickly. In these instances, it’s important to have a partner you can easily communicate with to discuss potential solutions. You’ll never have a problem getting a hold of us — we’re right by your side from start to finish!

We’re enthusiastic.

Investing in digital marketing for your law firm is a big decision and it’s important to partner with an expert whose eagerness to get down to business matches yours. We guarantee that we’ll match your enthusiasm…and then some. We’re passionate to work with you!

We’re flexible.

Corporate marketing firms often have rigid structures and systems that make them unable (or unwilling) to adapt to their client’s individual needs. As a boutique agency, agility and adaptability are qualities that come second nature for us! We customize every marketing strategy for each client because we don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.

We’re experts.

Our diverse team is widely skilled and trained in a broad range of digital marketing tactics, strategies and methods. This expertise allows us to target niche audiences and topics that large agencies simply don’t have experience in.

Meet the Brains behind Brown Bag Marketing

Our team of "baggers," as we call them, come to our Atlanta internet marketing agency from all walks of life and professional backgrounds. We are an exceptionally talented, hardworking and seriously curious bunch of folks — and we want to get to know you and your business needs. We invite you to get to know us too!

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