Curiously Loyal

Baggers are talented. Hardworking. And seriously curious. Get to know us.

Mark Pugh

Chief of Staff

What's in my bag?

“You won’t have to look very far into my bag to find a plan and maybe a process or two. Besides having a plan for most everything, I enjoy competition, and my blood bleeds a nice shade of orange.”

During the past nine years, Mark has become a Bagger legend of sorts. Not just an all-around nice dude, he is also a logistical genius. He has conquered roles in technology consulting, logistics, project management and operations for several Fortune 500 companies, such as Kimberly-Clark, BellSouth and Macy’s, during the last 25 years—which is great for us since he coaches Brown Bag’s leaders and supports our strategic plans and programs. Mark graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science, Logistics and Transportation from the University of Tennessee and received a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.

Outside of Brown Bag, Mark can be found dating his wife, hanging out with his daughters and working with church leaders. He is also an avid sports enthusiast and loves any game that involves strategy.

Lindsey Lynes

VP, People and Culture

What's in my bag?

“All the (cool) mom things, a quick laugh, an old school calculator, a professional book or two, and a stubborn refusal to fail.”

The only thing larger than Lindsey’s role at Brown Bag is the size of her heart. Coupling her enthusiasm with her deep concern for the people around her, she is a driving force that keeps Brown Bag moving forward on the winding road of success. As our VP of People & Culture, Lindsey provides operational leadership, strategy and vision to ensure Brown Bag is not only a top-notch place to work, but that it also runs at optimal efficiency. She’s behind the scenes, ensuring our people have what they need to bring their A game every day, and she’s out front, leading the charge to take our business to the next level. With Brown Bag since the beginning, Lindsey is responsible for all financial and office operations, professional development, talent acquisition strategy, the pursuit of unbridled fun around the office, and most importantly, taking care of our greatest asset—our people.

Lindsey was also instrumental in getting Vetlocity, a sister company of Brown Bag, up and running. A graduate from the University of Georgia, Lindsey enjoys college football, brunch, Netflix marathons, traveling, and spending time with her husband and two little men.

Scott Phillips

VP, Technology

What's in my bag?

“Curiosity and flexibility. I’m always interested in finding new tools and new ways to do things and I’m flexible enough to realize that there is seldom only one right way.”

Scott provides the overall leadership, vision, strategy, management, and accountability for Brown Bag’s technology team with an emphasis on developing a client service-oriented IT organization. Or, as Scott puts it, he works with a lot of very bright people who design, build and fix things. Before Brown Bag, Scott worked for Clicksquared, Apogee Interactive, MCI, and Verizon. Scott graduated with a Business degree from the University of Alabama and a Computer Information Sciences degree from Coleman College.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys photography, tennis, travel, and all things University of Alabama-related.

Sela Missirian

VP, Marketing and Business Development

What's in my bag?

"I have a fantastic social network and loads of curiosity and creativity to help people solve their marketing problems!"

Sela Missirian describes her role at Brown Bag in three words: sales and strategy. Anyone else would tell you she’s a quick-thinking, problem-solving, semi-omnipotent master strategist. Sadly, that title doesn’t fit on normal-sized business cards so her working title is VP, Marketing & Business Development. Before Brown Bag, Sela worked for several dynamic companies including S1 Technologies, Autodesk (formerly 3D/EYE), Moxie (formerly Engauge Digital) and Brown Bag. Yes, we said Brown Bag. After several years apart, Sela is back home and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Now, who’s crazy for not touching anything in her office since she left?

Sela graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Design from Cornell University. Her list of achievements include the pioneering of social media with big name-brands like AT&T and Food Lion, lecturing on digital marketing at Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business, working in Europe and Asia, earning a Certificate of Wines from the French Culinary Institute and a flair for Armenian cooking handed down from her mother. She also enjoys traveling and blogging about the good life.


Jerry Lewis

VP, Creative

What's in my bag?

"A competitive nature is in my bag. I'm a very involved, hands-on kind of guy who would rather be an active participant than sit on the sidelines and watch. This is evident at my job. And it's the experience I've gained by working with great people for many years."

Working on multiple projects while being in several places at once may seem impossible, but not for Jerry Lewis. Although he’s never admitted to having been cloned, how else do you explain his ability to successfully lead a creative department, attend countless meetings, field thousands of emails, teach design classes and coach about a dozen different sports? Okay, we’re not sure how he does it either, we’re just glad he does. During his tenure as a Creative Director, Jerry has worked on big name clients like Pfizer, Allergan, Bridgestone Sports, Precept, Carvel Ice Cream, E-Z-GO, and Piccadilly Cafeteria to name a few. He has also received ShowSouth, Addys, CTAM Awards and has had his work featured in Communication Arts and PRINT.

One glance into Jerry’s office is all it takes to realize he’s a huge Gator fan, which makes sense considering he graduated from the University of Florida (which also helps explain his love of jean shorts and tank tops. Just kidding, he would never wear a tank top.) Jerry is also an esteemed graduate of the Portfolio Center where, as mentioned before, he teaches design. Outside of work, he is a devoted husband and dad as well as an amazing golfer.

Doug Brown

President, Founder

What's in my bag?

Doug Brown? He’s not some faceless figurehead hiding in an office or out on a golf course. He’s always here and he’d love to talk your head off about what Brown Bag Marketing can do for your company’s growth. Or point out an article he just read about your industry. Or gab about marketing in general. Better grab a chair.

Doug comes from a business background. This is one of the many reasons he can relate to you and your company’s needs so well. He sets strategy and combines it with his extensive sales and marketing skills as well as an entrepreneurial spirit. The result? Effective marketing strategies that help build your business. Imagine that.

His track record of building and leading successful marketing teams (from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies) speaks for itself. And when Doug started Brown Bag in 2002, he had clients already lined up to jump on board with his new venture.

Kevin Watson

Director, Strategy & Planning

What's in my bag?

“I keep data and insights in my bag, so I can turn those into actionable strategy. You know, in case of emergency.”

Kevin sees himself as a helpful, creative, ridiculously good-looking guy who develops and implements effective marketing strategies to help our clients grow and succeed. Tack on “hilarious” and we couldn’t agree more! Before joining Brown Bag (the first time), Kevin spent thirteen years with North Highland/Sparks Grove, developing and implementing digital strategies. He recently spent two years sharpening his client-side savvy at UCB and then sensibly boomeranged home to Brown Bag. Kevin graduated from the University of Georgia with a B.A. in English and a J.D. in Law.

Outside of The Bag, Kevin is into photography, woodworking and filmmaking.

Kirsten Humphreys

Jr. Software Developer

What's in my bag?

"A hard working, positive attitude with the uncanny ability to take whatever is thrown my way."

A resourceful and astute problem solver, Kirsten has never met a challenge she couldn’t handle. As our Jr. Software Developer, Kirsten is responsible for front-end development and QA testing. No matter the task, if Kirsten’s on the job, it’s as good as done. Kirsten previously worked at Marc Jacobs and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Outside of work, Kirsten enjoys searching for her next favorite restaurant, exploring new cities and spending time with her niece and nephews.

Erin Pearson

Account Supervisor

What's in my bag?

“I like to be prepared for any situation and any circumstances, so I keep a flashlight, Swiss Army knife, moisturizing lip gloss, mints, cell phone, koozie and a wallet. If I’m toting a big bag, I also keep a pair of flip flops on hand. After all, I’m a Southern girl.”

Resourceful, upbeat and full of great ideas, Erin specializes in client relations, strategy and business development. To put it another way, Erin completely rocks at making clients happy and making Brown Bag look good. And with over 10 years’ experience working with Fortune 500 brands, you know she has the skills. She graduated from Auburn University with a degree in Communications. Outside of work, Erin enjoys hiking, jogging, the great outdoors, traveling, and spending time with her family and her dog Willow.

Sarah Shields


What's in my bag?

"I always have a great novel, a notebook, a few pens, some lipstick, various tea sachets, an insatiable need for knowledge, a ray or two of sunshine and some cat hair (because my cat likes to sleep in my bags)."

Hard-working, bright and always smiling, Sarah has more than a positive attitude, she’s got a way with words –which is extremely handy since Brown Bag pays her for writing those words. The way Sarah sees it, every project is a story waiting to be told and we couldn’t agree more. Before Brown Bag, Sarah worked at Response Mine Interactive and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Mississippi State University with a Bachelor of Arts in English.

Outside of work, Sarah loves reading, traveling, hiking, binging on Netflix, drinking tea, eating great food and going on adventures, preferably the kind with hobbits.

Caroline Walters

Executive Operations Coordinator

What's in my bag?

"A pack of gum because I love onions, sunglasses because I have to spend time outside every day, a phone charger because I’m really bad about closing out apps on my phone when I’m done using them, too many nail salon, juice places and bakery punch cards, and a wad of keys the size of Zimbabwe because #alwaysprepared."

Since you never get a second chance to make a first impression, Caroline is our first choice for the role of Executive Operations Coordinator. Quirky, witty and full of energy, Caroline is vital to Brown Bag’s daily operations and always has the answer you’re looking for. Caroline started out as an intern here at Brown Bag and attended Furman University where she graduated with a degree in Communications Studies.

Outside of work, Caroline loves everything water-related. She’s a lifeguard and PADI certified scuba diver, is good with boats and loves taking her friends out on the lake.

Amanda Peterson

Project Manager

What's in my bag?

"My phone so that I always stay connected, pens to write down lists, and usually a snack or a cookie."

When it comes to project management, Amanda multitasks with the best of them. Assisting with daily tasks and interactions involving clients and all levels of communication, Amanda is essential to making sure important day-to-day tasks are handled efficiently and effectively. Before Brown Bag, Amanda worked as an Account Manager for Force Marketing. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Communication Studies.

When she isn’t working, Amanda enjoys hitting the beach, cooking (she’s a curry master!), cookies, exercising, wining, dining, and Georgia football.

Billy Derby

Senior Account Director

What's in my bag?

“I travel light with just a toothbrush and Tums, so I can take advantage of any opportunity that arises, and have the medicine to recover from the ride."

Hailing from the great state of Texas, Billy makes sure that his approach to marketing strategies is as outsized as his native state. Developing and managing marketing strategies, Billy does more than meet client expectations –he anticipates needs and identifies opportunities to maximize the impact of his client’s campaigns. In other words, he makes his clients very happy. Before starting at Brown Bag, Billy worked in sales and marketing at Pfizer, Inc., and graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in Chemistry.

Outside of work, Billy enjoys live music, hiking, driving fast cars, and being silly with his kids.

Nicole Baird

Project Manager

What's in my bag?

“Coffee, and lots of it. A pack of gum for when I finish my coffee, Life Savers Gummies because everyone needs a sweet treat once in awhile, and a great ready-for-whatever-comes-my way attitude!”

Nicole is the definition of grace under pressure, coolly and effectively managing client campaigns and projects, facilitating communication and even lending coworkers a hand when things get crazy. A true asset to the team, Nicole’s projects always come through on time and within budget. Before Brown Bag, Nicole worked for Otis Elevator and graduated Cum Laude from the University of Georgia with a degree in Marketing.

Outside of work, Nicole loves traveling, exploring Atlanta, checking out new restaurants, concerts, and, of course, UGA football!

Kate Ray

Art Director

What's in my bag?

"I have an assortment of cameras to document everything around me, a library of resources to keep me up to date, a sketchbook to communicate ideas, and a bag of treats for the adorable paws that walk around the office."

Whether she’s diving into a project or searching for the best tacos in Atlanta, Kate doesn’t hold back in her daily pursuit of perfection. A team player with a positive attitude, Kate is great to work with and highly supportive of everyone around her. Before Brown Bag, Kate worked for an Atlanta healthcare marketing agency and graduated from Savannah College of Art and Design with a degree in Advertising.

Outside of work, Kate enjoys photography, printmaking, hiking, playing with her Aussie-Doodle (we are all obsessed with him), HGTV, and she is a taco and margarita connoisseur.

Martha Barbieri

Senior Art Director

What's in my bag?

“Sharpies, Mom supplies, rogue Legos. If I could fit a coffee maker in there, I would. I carry a bag big enough to hold all of my essential tools but with a little extra room for anything inspiring that I might pick up along the way.”

Whether she’s concepting the next great campaign or furiously sketching out a new look for a client, Martha is determined to make the mundane more delightful. Before Brown Bag, Martha worked for Iconologic and more recently, Leap Communications. She graduated from American University with a degree in Graphic Design.

When she isn’t busy, Martha enjoys live music, exploring the city with her family, and gearing up to be an Atlanta United super fan.

Chris Stanfield

Account Director

What's in my bag?

“A pair of binoculars to see past what’s in front of me, a kaleidoscope to view different perspectives, a pen to connect the dots, and a camera to capture the moment when a plan comes together; dozens of annual reports, jelly beans to mark the path home, and headphones to drown out the noise.”

Curious, creative, and highly energetic, Chris has a simple but brilliant approach to business: “To grow your business, you’ve got to grow your client’s business first.” And he does exactly that, connecting business objectives, people and creative solutions in the most effective way possible to achieve real results. A former VP of Creative Services at What’s Up Interactive and Creative and Strategic Lead inside the office of Information Security at Mayo Clinic, Chris studied Mass Communication and Photojournalism at Southeast Missouri State University.

When he isn’t busy with work, Chris loves being a dad, volunteering, golf and reading.

Annie Brown

Welcoming Committee/Motivator

What's in my bag?

"Treats, my fashionable purple leash, an antler to chew on, a gentle disposition … and always hoping for more treats."

Dedicated, passionate, and always willing to lend a helpful paw, Annie is a vital part of the Team. She’s always been best-of-breed (or breeds, in Annie’s case) when it comes to her job, whether it be sitting, staying, or greeting visitors. She takes great pride in being a champion catnapper and Brown Bag’s go-to motivator. Whether you’re looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a mid-meeting break, a snuggle with Annie is just what the doctor ordered.

Outside of work, Annie enjoys elevator rides, chasing squirrels, long walks on the leash, sleeping, and hanging with her lab brother, Earl.

Lisa Long

Account Supervisor

What's in my bag?

“In my bag you will find laugher, kindness, a good sense of humor and an ‘always can do better’ attitude.”

Whether she’s running a marathon or providing stellar account management service, Lisa knows a thing or two about going the extra mile. A problem solver with a positive attitude, Lisa helps her clients meet their business goals while continuously providing opportunities for growth. Before Brown Bag, Lisa worked for Team One and Grey Worldwide Atlanta, and she graduated from Kennesaw State University with a degree in Communications.

Outside of work, Lisa enjoys tennis, running, boot camp, gardening, concerts, traveling and time with her family.

Kara Humphreys


What's in my bag?

"My bag has a pocket—a pocketful of sunshine!"

How do you communicate an idea without words? Easy. Hire Kara, give her a Mac, then sit back and be amazed at the visual fireworks she produces on a daily basis. Described as “short and sweet with lots of talent,” it’s easy to see why Kara has quickly become a Brown Bag favorite. Before Brown Bag, Kara worked for Turner Broadcasting. She graduated Magna Cum Laude from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Outside of work, Kara enjoys kayaking in her pink kayak, watching Netflix with her cats, Henry and Luna, crocheting (when Henry isn’t stealing the yarn), thrift stores, antiques and ice cream!

Kelley Lyness

Senior Account Executive

What's in my bag?

“Floss, sunglasses and gloves. Floss because I smile a lot and don’t want people to see me with food in my teeth, sunglasses because our future is BRIGHT, and gloves because it’s cold in here — and everywhere else. Always!”

With a tenacity rarely seen outside sports, Kelley formulates and executes winning plans that surpass client expectations like a Ferrari passing a Prius on the highway. Maybe it’s because she played NCAA college soccer for four years, but it’s easy to see the competitive edge Kelley brings to the table. Before Brown Bag, Kelley worked for PureRED Integrated Marketing and graduated from Young Harris College.

Outside of work, Kelley loves traveling, tennis, her Golden Doodle and cheering for the Braves with her family.

Jason Kimbell

Account Supervisor

What's in my bag?

“In my bag, you’ll find a bottle of Crystal hot sauce because, well, life can always use more spice. You will also find a couple of Red Bulls, a Sharpie and an iPhone. Finally, there’s a Tupperware container full of tenacity and passion for great work. Clients and coworkers dip into this all the time. I have a lot to share.”

Equal parts problem-solver and innovator, Jason has a passion for success, especially when it’s related to his client’s business. Whether he’s solving an issue, creating an opportunity or participating in a BBQ competition, Jason takes every challenge seriously and is determined to succeed both for himself and those around him. Before coming to Brown Bag, Jason worked on big accounts for ad agencies in Atlanta and New Orleans and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Communications.

Outside of work, Jason enjoys anything that gets him outdoors, live music, books, all things BBQ, his family, college football, professional tennis and golf.

Danny Cashin

Director, Digital Projects

What's in my bag?

“I got rid of my old bag and have a new one. This one is focused on keeping things simple.”

Danny actually got his start at Brown Bag years ago as an intern and worked his way up through the ranks. After several years of impressive work, Danny took an extended lunch break and wasn’t seen for several years. We now know he was actually on a walkabout, gathering invaluable experience from various sources before returning as a full-fledged Senior Project Manager. As the ever-evolving guy he is, Danny continued his Bagger journey by becoming our Director of Digital Projects. Danny graduated with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing from Spring Hill College.

Outside of Brown Bag, Danny enjoys spending time with his wife, Mary (a former Brown Bagger) and their dog Lucia, watching the Braves, playing softball and messing around with his jeep.

Robert Francis

Project Manager

What's in my bag?

“A worn-in pair of cowboy boots; it takes experience to break in a pair of boots the same way it takes experience to learn the ins-and-outs of being an effective Project Manager.”

Like the well-weathered cowboy boots upon his feet, Robert is the real deal—that rare breed of Project Manager who, like a rodeo clown, isn’t afraid to throw himself into the middle of the action. Planning, organizing, motivating and controlling resources to achieve specific digital marketing goals isn’t easy, but Robert has it under control. Before Brown Bag, Robert worked for Swarm Agency and graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in History.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys lifting weights and playing golf.

Robert Mashburn

Director, Project Management

What's in my bag?

“A chill pill. A big bottle of chill pills (enough to share). Life can be stressful, but only if you let it. The same goes for work. Bobby McFerrin had it right.”

Quiet yet engaging, precise but laid-back, Robert may seem like an enigma wrapped in a riddle but his mission is simple: help clients succeed and do it in a way that makes it enjoyable for everyone involved. We’re happy to report, he excels at doing exactly that. Prior to taking on digital marketing here at Brown Bag, Robert had a career in journalism, managing newspaper sports departments from Atlanta to Abu Dhabi, and a successful tour running the project management group for another local interactive firm.

Outside of work, Robert enjoys food, wine, books, music and travel.

Kimmie Morgan

Manager, Financial Operations

What's in my bag?

“Crayons, a bracelet from Chuck-E-Cheese, a few Polly Pocket Dolls, protein shake, a wallet with no money in it, and some hand sanitizer (more for the fresh smell than the germ-killing)."

Kimmie helps manage our finance department where she handles countless critical projects with the confidence and grace of a professional body builder. Coincidentally, Kimmie is an IFBB Professional Body Builder. Don’t let her bubbly personality fool you; she can crush you like a grape. Before Brown Bag, Kimmie worked for the Federal Reserve Bank and the AJC.

Outside of work, Kimmie splits her spare time between time killing it in the gym, crafting and carting her daughter to cheer practice.

Craig Ogle

Lead Software Developer

What's in my bag?

“I keep a stocked bag because I like to be prepared for anything. I try to be efficient so the bag is kept manageable.”

Craig is a man of the people, especially when it comes to the people he works with. In his own words, “I am here to do the good of the techies.” To this end, Craig has an effective methodology: he listens, recommends, and implements—then washes and repeats as necessary. Before Brown Bag, Craig spent the past 13 years working as Lead Engineer for a full-service marketing agency. He graduated from Clemson University with a Computer Engineering degree.

Outside of work, Craig is into hanging out with family and friends, good food, Clemson sports, working out at Primed, playing tennis, meeting new people and walking to wherever.

Andrew O’Mea

Systems Administrator

What's in my bag?

“I have my phone, laptop, label maker and Leatherman®. If you have a problem, I’m going to fix it!”

Statistically speaking, while many people are good at their jobs, less than five percent are truly great at them – Andrew falls into that elite category. Okay, that stat is totally made up, but we’re serious when we say Andrew is the real deal. As our Systems Administrator, Andrew expertly enhances end user experience via technical wizardry and backend systems administration. Before Brown Bag, Andrew worked for Apogee Interactive and attended Georgia State.

When he isn’t busy with work, Andrew enjoys festivals, lobster diving, astronomy, the range, and is a huge UGA/Atlanta Falcons fan.

Taylor Cornelius

UX Developer

What's in my bag?

“In my bag I have everything that I need to produce a great design: writing utensils, paper, computer, a hilarious button pin and, of course, a snack because I get hangry (hunger=angry).”

Although his title is UX Developer, we think Taylor is actually a sculptor in disguise. How else can you explain the way he deftly designs and builds the inner structures of Websites to create engaging, user-focused content that expertly caters to those it’s designed to reach? Before bringing his talents to Brown Bag, Taylor worked for Turner Broadcasting and graduated from Georgia State University with a degree in Fine Arts.

When he isn’t working, Taylor enjoys drawing, gaming and making costumes.

Mike Homol

Senior Director, Development

What's in my bag?

"A thirst for knowledge fueled by an unabashed profession of geekiness. I am a 'geek that speaks', which makes me very effective at what I do."

Part man, part myth, part legend – Mike Homol is equally comfortable building custom software solutions and applications as he is using the latest Microsoft and open source technologies to get the job done. A guru of mathematics and a master at movie quotes, Mike enjoys learning about, teaching, and creating solutions that satisfy customers’ needs. He’s also a skilled manager, veteran of IT departments and graduate from Miami University.

When he isn’t busy facilitating the usage of interactive technologies, Mike enjoys spending time with his family, playing cards, watching the Steelers, and – these are Mike’s words – doing nerdy things.

Evan Mullins

Lead Web Developer

What's in my bag?

“My bag is full of tricks.”

You don’t often run into people who are both driven and easy-going at the same time, but Evan is exactly that. From the creation of interactive websites and mobile apps to his mastery of WordPress, Evan never ceases to amaze everyone around him with his ability to get the job done. Before Brown Bag, Evan worked as an Interactive Developer at Ogilvy & Mather and Brand Fever among others. He graduated from the University of Georgia with a degree in Digital Media.

Outside of work, Evan is a dedicated husband and father of four, a soccer coach, and Boy Scout leader who loves rock music, audiobooks and good pizza.

Kelly Campbell

Manager, Talent Operations

What's in my bag?

“My journal of quotes, ideas, and scripture, as well as some lip gloss because I like to do everything with an extra bit of style and sass.”

Like a seasoned gold prospector from the Yukon, Kelly has a knack for spotting the difference between aptitude and Shinola, so to speak. An effective combination of charming and determined, Kelly effectively networks and recruits the best of the best for various positions within each of Brown Bag’s departments. Before Brown Bag, Kelly was an Executive Recruiter for The Intersect Group.  She graduated with a degree in Intercultural Studies of Business and French from Wofford College where she was also a member of the women’s soccer team.

Outside of work, Kelly enjoys spending time outdoors, playing and watching sports, reading, live music, and dancing — and she’s always up for a new adventure!

Kristin Gisi

Manager, People Operations

What's in my bag?

“Endless thoughts and countless alternatives to any problem that comes my way.”

Like the Great and Powerful Oz, Kristin busily works behind the curtain to ensure Brown Bag runs like a well-oiled machine. Unlike the Great Oz, Kristin is great with people, has a constant smile, a sunny disposition and is always eager to help in any way possible. Kristin graduated from Georgia College & State University where she majored in Marketing and minored in Management.

When she isn’t in the office, Kristin enjoys exercising, shopping, going to the beach and anything that involves the outdoors.

Scott Bailey

Mobile Developer

What's in my bag?

“My bag consists of my MacBook, various phones and tablets for testing, a protein shake, and LOTS OF COFFEE!!

A fearless Jedi skilled in the ways of the Mobile Strike Team, Scott is no ordinary Mobile Developer. Whether it’s developing native iOS apps or writing new code, Scott is fearless in the face of a new challenge. Before Brown Bag, Scott worked as a Computer Science Tutor and as a .NET developer. Scott graduated from the University of South Carolina Upstate with a degree in Computer Information Systems.

Outside of work, Scott enjoys keeping a high K/D ratio on his Xbox One, going to the gym, watching The Office on Netflix, and programming!

Rob Williams

Senior Application Developer

What's in my bag?

'Everything . . . it's a big bag!'

Although he describes his role as that of an Interactive Henchman, Rob is an affable curmudgeon whose role at Brown Bag is continuously expanding because he not only meets every challenge, he crushes them like an SEC team playing in the national championship. Before Brown Bag, Rob worked for Internet Gaming Inc., where he did UI design for online gaming. He also worked for Virtual Magic where he specialized in Web and Flash development. Rob has a degree from AIA in 3D Modeling and Animation and a degree from SPSU in Game Design and Development.

Outside of Brown Bag, Rob is into volleyball, old cars, and collecting lawn trolls.

Pauline Pellicer

Senior Art Director

What's in my bag?

"A koozie, because I like to keep things fresh."

If you think of a graphic designer as somebody that creates pretty-looking things that make the world a better place, then Pauline completely agrees with you. You see, Pauline has been creating pretty things for some time now and even though we’re not sure of her global impact, she is certainly having a positive effect here at Brown Bag. Before Brown Bag, Pauline worked at Coastal Living Magazine, American Cancer Society, The Reynolds Group and Sellier Design. Pauline graduated with a Bachelors in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia.

Outside of work, Pauline likes touring Atlanta, checking out new restaurants, spending time with friends, cheering on her Bulldogs and anything involving sun and/or water. Her proudest moment was the time she went skydiving and lived to tell about it.

Liz Fusco

Creative Director

What's in my bag?

Wipes, lipstick, Band-Aids, lollipops, iPhone, nail file, flash light and so on. I'm like a girl scout - always prepared for any emergency!

Equal parts smart, creative, fun and determined – Liz is your prototypical, totally hip, Starbucks-coffee-drinking kind of mom with that sunny kind of disposition that makes her never boring to be around. As Creative Director, Liz guides our creative team with grace, intelligence, innovation and just a touch of ruthlessness. Before Brown Bag, Liz worked at Abovo Marketing Group and successfully ran her own copywriting and marketing business for ten years. Liz graduated from Vanderbilt University with a degree in English and Secondary Education.

Outside of work, Liz enjoys playing with her kids, vegetarian and vegan cooking, baking, running, boot camp, pilates, reading, live music, tequila and martinis (not at the same time!), and socializing with friends.

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